So Many Questions: Lord Why?

In life so many things happen that lead us to ask the question why?  Why am I still single?  Why did my loved one pass?  Why do I have this illness? Why didn’t I get this job?  Why don’t I have children? Why haven’t I had a breakthrough? Why isn’t life working out the way I planned? Why? Why? Why?

With so many questions that plague are lives we may be tempted to try to come up with the answers. We develop logical solutions as to why this or that has happened.  I know I have.  In an effort to make sense of this thing called life, we rationalize as to why God has allowed certain things to happen in our lives.  Often coming to conclusions that bring us peace and other times coming to conclusions that bring us no peace.  Job can attest to this.

When Job was going through the most difficult time of his life, he certainly was afflicted with the question why.  His friends attempted to relieve his quizzical mind by supplying answers to questions that only God knew the answer to.  In their minds Job’s suffering was a result of God’s displeasure with something Job had done.  Apparently, Job’s friends were equipped with such super natural power that they could decipher the mysteries of God.  Or could they?

It is evident that Job’s friends hadn’t fully grasped the greatness of our God.  They didn’t understand that His thoughts and ways are so different from ours.  There was no way in the world that they could have known what was going on behind the scenes.  Never in their wildest dreams would they have imagined that Satan and God had been discussing Job’s loyalty and as a result of this conversation God had chosen to allow Satan to severely test Job.

Too often like Job’s friends I find myself answering questions that only God can answer.  When my son was first diagnosed with cancer, I had the answer to the question.  God was allowing this to happen so that He could demonstrate His miraculous healing power.  Then, when Brayden passed, I again answered the question.  God must have been protecting him from something terrible that may have occurred in his future.  When the reality is I don’t know.  I’m not God and any conclusion I come up with is only speculation.

There is a valuable lesson to be learned here.  We are not smart enough to answer the questions why?  We can spin our wheels into eternity attempting to understand why things happen the way that they do.  The wonderful thing is that God doesn’t want us to spin our wheels.  He simply wants us to trust and leave the answers to the questions with Him.  When we truly learn to trust Him the questions of why slowly began to fade away.  The whys no longer matter, only the trust.  We must trust that the all powerful, all knowing, and all loving God of the universe always has our best interest in mind.  When we rest in this the trust comes easily.

Have you been plagued with the question why?  If so I pray that you will rest in knowing that God loves you too much to ever harm you.  Trust him today.  If you are blessed by this post, please share it.  Also, leave your comments and insights regarding this topic below.  Be blessed and live extraordinary!

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5 thoughts on “So Many Questions: Lord Why?”

  1. Needed this! As i spent the last 24 hours questioning God why He was leading in a particular direction. Thanks for reminding me that the whys dont matter, only the trust .

  2. As I read your thought I am compelled to tell you that, that it is exactly what I needed today.An answer to one of your Why’s may be this. From the moment I learned of your sons condition my heart was so moved to pray for you and your family. I only have two small sons so immediately I began to imagine “What if that were my boys”? I just want you to know I followed your journey through your Facebook blogs everyday and something about your words, your strength, your persistence gave me a renewed hope and desire to trust in the Father no matter what the circumstance. I too have written your name in my journal about a woman of strength that was used by God to reach plenty of people. I may never meet you personally in this life, but in four simple words from a sister in Christ “You’ve touched my life”. God bless!

  3. Thank you for the reminder that God always has our best interest mind and therefore we must trust him with our lives.

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